wholesale Grade III Medical Compression Stocking

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    Quick Details
    Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:Huibo Medical
    Model Number:HBM01-03
    Colors:Beige and Black
    Material:70% Nylon and 30% Spandex
    Type:Thigh High
    Feature:for Varicose and Spider Veins, Breathable, Super Elastic
    Model:Open Toe
    Size:S, M, L, XL
    Gender:Woman and Man
    Compression Levels:34-46mmHg
    Sample:Free Sample
    Care Instructions:Wash in cold or lukewarm water using mild detergent.
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    Thigh High 23-32MMHG Medical Pressure Stockings Close Toe' s
    Per pair with one bag tag plus one paper card in a OPP bag; gift box or OEM packaging is accepted; then all are packed in a carton box
    Delivery Time
    Shipped in 30 days after payment
    1. Physician recommended and clinically proven Medical Compression Hosiery
    2. Relieves pain of tired, aching legs, mild varicosities and edema
    3. Effective as post sclerotherapy treatment
    4. Surgical weight compresstion
    5. Graduated compression – 22 mmHg at ankle; 18 mmHg at calf; 10 mmHg at thigh
    6. Composition: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
    Thigh High 34-46MMHG Medical Pressure Stockings Close Toe suit for persons need to stand for long time such as teachers, shop assistants, doctors, etc., persons need to sit down for a long time as white collars and civil servants, persons tat are often on business trips or sit aircraft, obese people, persons with venous diseases of the lower limbs, and persons having the demands to perfect the leg shapes and having taken liposuction surgery for legs.
    Q. What is gradient compression?
    A. Gradient compression delivers a squeezing to the leg that is tightest at the ankle. The amount of squeezing or compression gradually decreases up the leg. Compression is expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).
    Q. Are there reasons an individual should not wear compression?
    A. Contraindications (medical conditions in which compression is not recommended):
    - Ischemia (e.g. advanced arterial disease) of the legs.
    - Untreated septic phlebitis of the leg
    - Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
    - Uncontrolled congestive heart failure
    The wearing of compression should also be used with caution in the presence of:
    - Skin infections
    - Incompatibility to fabric of garment
    - Immobility (confinement to bed)
    - Weeping dermatoses
    - Impaired sensitivity of the limb
    Q. What is "economy class syndrome"?
    A. Economy class syndrome is a term used to describe the medical condition deep vein thrombosis when it follows extended airplane travel. For further information please refer to your physician.
    Q. What is the best time of day to measure for compression stockings?
    A. It is best to measure earlier in the day before swelling builds in the legs. Measurements taken later in the day after swelling is present may result in choosing a stocking size that is too large. Many clinics that are unable to see patients earlier in the day will elevate, bandage, or pump the legs for a period of time before measuring in order to reduce any swelling that is present.wholesale Grade III Medical Compression Stocking