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    50pcs glass prepared microscope slides
    1. Product Introduction of 50pcs glass prepared microscope slides
    Different kinds of slides include normal tissue; human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi, mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.

    2. 50pc prepared slides of plants, insects and animal tissues
    Dimensions: 1" x 3" (25.6mm x 75.2mm)
    Sample name is marked on each slide.
    Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standard
    The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right ,
    Usually the left of slide is blank , we also can put your company logo on the slides left.
    3. Product features
    1) Frosted corner, safe not to hurt hands.
    2) Clean, sanitary, no residual glue.
    3) content is clear and colorful

    4. Product Feature And Application of the prepared microscope slides
    Box 50 slides catalog
    NO.NameEnglish Catalog
    1植物根尖纵切Root tip of plant L.S.
    2植物幼根横切Young root of plantT.S.
    3顶芽纵切Apical bud L.S.
    4南瓜茎纵切Stem of Cucurbita moschata L.S.
    5单子叶植物茎横切Stem of monocotyledon T.S.
    6双子叶植物茎横切Stem of dicotyledon T.S
    7木本双子叶植物茎横切Stem of xylophyta dicotyledon T.S.
    8蚕豆叶下表皮装片Lower epiderm of leaf of horsebean W.M.
    9青霉装片Penicillium W.M.
    10衣藻装片Chlamydomonas W.M.
    11细菌三型涂片Three types of Bacteria
    12水螅纵切Hydra T.S.
    13蚯蚓横切Earthworm T.S.
    14植物细胞有丝分裂Root tip of Allium cepa L.S.
    15动物细胞有丝分裂Mitosis of animal Sec.
    16松叶横切Leaf of Pinus T.S.
    17水绵接合生殖装片Conjugation of Spirogyra W.M.
    18地衣切片Lichen Sec.
    19曲霉装片Aspergillus W.M.
    20蕨叶切片Sporophyll of Pteridium Sec.
    21花粉萌发装片Pollen germination W.M.
    22百合子房切片Ovary of Lilium T.S.
    23百合花药切片Matuer anther of Lilium T.S.
    24迎春叶横切Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
    25单层扁平上皮Simple squamous epithelium Sec.
    26复层扁平上皮Stratified squamous epithelium Sec.
    27纤维结缔组织装片(腱纵切)Dense connective tissue(Tendon L.S.)Sec.
    28疏松结缔组织装片Loose connective tissue W.M.
    29人血涂片Blood of Human smear
    30骨骼肌纵横切Skeletal muscle L.S. & T.S.
    31平滑肌分离装片Smooth muscle islolated W.M.
    32心肌纵切Cardiac muscle Sec.
    33运动神经元装片Motor end plate W.M.
    34神经干横切Nerves trunk L.S.
    35脊髓横切Spinal cord T.S.
    36胃壁切片Corpus ventriculi Sec.
    37肾脏纵切Kidney of L.S.
    38动静脉血管横切Artery and vein Sec.
    39小肠切片Intestine of T.S.
    40肺切片Lung Sec.
    41胰腺切片Pancreas T.S.
    42精巢切片Testis T.S.
    43卵巢切片Ovary of Sec.
    44精虫涂片Sperm of smear
    45根霉装片Rhizopus W.M.
    46伞蕈切片Agaricus Sec.
    47玉米种子纵切Seed of Zea mays L.S.
    48洋葱鳞片叶表皮装片Onion skin
    49口腔上皮细胞装片Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of HumanW.M.
    50蛔虫卵装片Zygote of Ascarid lumbricoide W.M.
    ( there can be changed according your need on the types )
    5. Packing & Delivery
    Packing : The slides can be put in the plastic / wooden box for 25 pieces

    Package :
    Wooden : 50 boxes/ carton ,46x40x40cm ,28kgs
    Plastic :60 boxes/carton ,46x40x40cm ,32kgs

    Delivery : FOB to shanghai / Shenzhen in China. We also can send the goods by express/ air
    Also we can send the goods as your need.
    6. FAQ
    1- How many types do you have ?
    Dear Sir/Madam, we have thousands types in normal tissue ; human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi, mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.
    2- Why do you quote so late /Why do you need so long time when quotation ?
    Because the prepared microscope slides have different names in different areas . We need more time to check the types of your need with our catalog in order to send the correct types to you .
    3-Can I print the label on the slides or on the package box ?
    Yes, we can add your 1 color Logo on the slides or on the package box.
    The label size : 22x22mm. The label on the package box is according your design.
    4- Why is the MOQ 50 pieces/types ?
    Dear, the MOQ is 25 , 30 ,50,100 which is according to your need. But 50 pieces/types is the best choice, You must take care of the freight for your order.
    If order the BOX SETS, the MOQ will according your types for catalog.
    7. Company & Lab
    English Name :Xinxiang Yuan hang Teaching Equipment Co , Ltd.
    Alibaba Name : Xinxiang City Voyage Teaching Equipment Co, Ltd
    CEO : Yongchao Ma
    Tel: ( + 86 ) 0373-5796859
    WhatsApp: +86 18625951525 Yongchao Ma
    +86 18224550344 Liang Yu
    Website :xxyuanhang.en.alibaba.com
    Email: xxyuanhang@163.com
    Microscope Slice Lab Office
    Our company have their own independent factory and advanced laboratory, independent perfect packaging and fast mode of transportation. Welcome customers to visit and custom products all over the world.Prepared Microscope Slides manufacturers