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Discussion in 'Troubles/errors' started by NegoLeader, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. NegoLeader

    NegoLeader New Member

    Can you please help me. I've created a document in Elma but when i click the edit button nothing happens. please see the screenshot in the attachments.

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  2. Alex Khodyrev

    Alex Khodyrev Administrator

    Do you have ELMA Agent installed?
    This button opens the document in ELMA Agent, so if it is not installed on your computer, nothing is supposed to happen. You also need to configure links like "elmadms:xxx" to be opened by Agent.
  3. NegoLeader

    NegoLeader New Member

    Hi and thanks for the hint! I'll try to do as you said.
  4. NegoLeader

    NegoLeader New Member

    I have installed ELMA Agent and now it all works! Thanks!